Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bono and Buffett

Maybe they'll do a concert together someday. Cousin Jimmy and Mr. B did once, so there is hope... Bono and Buffett hung out together recently in Omaha after the U2 concert, as Forbes reports here, in an attempt to solve some of the world's problems. Buffett has said that he is paying more attention to philanthropy these days, trying to solve the big problems which don't have a natural constituency. Bono and Susie Buffett were the ones who first hit it off, testimony being that Bono flew in to Omaha for the private funeral last year to sing. There was a lovely tribute to Susie at the Annual Meeting last year -- with a great excerpt from a Charlie Rose interview. Perhaps Buffett wouldn't have made it this far without her.

Looking for reading material? Start here, which contains a variety of gems. Greenwalt's Value Investing, Taleb's Fooled and Cialdini's Influence are my favorites. I call Cialdini my $60k book, since I think I learned more from it than most of business school (no gripes on Chicago, but testimony to the book). The annual letters of course are a must read, as are the Lowenstein on Buffett, Lowe on Charlie, and the Almanack (which is on my xmas reading list, having sat unread since the annual meeting -- what have I been wasting my time on? who knows --)

Happy holidays.

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