Saturday, October 22, 2005

Update on the book and meeting with Gates, Tuck Omaha notes

If you'll recall from a couple of posts ago Buffett and Gates did a Q&A session for students at the University of Nebraska. Well, Fortune has written up an interview they did with them out there, along with some highlights from the Q&A. (As a side note, the name of my original post on this was "$90 Billion gets together in Nebraska." The title of Fortune's article? "The $91 Billion Conversation". They should have let me do the interview.)

Our friends over at Tuck made their annual Omaha pilgrimage this past week. Notes are here. Great quote: "
I love what I do; I'm not even that busy. I got a total of five phone calls all day yesterday and one of them was a wrong number."

More details on the Alice Schroeder biography came out:
"The Snowball: How Warren Buffett Collected Friends, Wisdom and Wealth", due out in 2008, and the winning bid was $7 million. Note, the deal is entirely with Schroeder, and Warren doesn't appear to be officially involved. I really don't see how this could end up very different or better than Lowenstein's excellent biography. And the article bizarrely ends with this,"Buffett is known to wear sweat pants and sweat shirts in his spare time. He is a longtime fan of hamburgers, french fries and Cherry Cokes, and enjoys bridge and playing the ukulele." Ok.

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