Thursday, May 12, 2005

More General Re Mess, Motley Fool on DCF, and Gates on Tech Valuation

Buffett once remarked that surprises in the insurance business are never pleasant. General Re continues to fit the bill. It’ll die down soon as the blood drains down into the gutters and the press finds new caged animals to pursue. Until then, a few more heads may roll at Gen Re and even TIAA-CREF (CFO is ex-Gen Re). Motley Fool posts some good articles about valuation and guesses about Buffett’s style/methodology (headlines 2 & 3), funny article about the Annual Meeting from the eyes of the Sunday Times in Britain, comments by Gates about tech valuation, Santulli in NYT about NetJets and new jet taxis (notice they are not yet called a competitive threat to NetJets – wonder why they aren’t called the southwest airlines of business jets?), plus Cousin Jimmy’s expanding entertainment conglomerate. Finally, at end, good summary article on Buffett for the new members in the audience…

SEC May Pursue More General Re Officials, Person Says (Update2)

Buffett by Numbers
Motley Fool -
Want to invest like Buffett? We derive the method Buffett uses to analyze the quantitative worth of a company. By Jim Schoettler. ...

Risky Business?
Motley Fool -
... Markowitz may have won a Nobel Prize, but Warren
Buffett has beaten the market soundly for 50 years running. The handful of other ...

Buffett turns into prophet of doom
The Sunday Times -
... This crowd was more soberly attired. Shivering on an unseasonably cold morning, they were here to see Warren Buffett, the world's most successful investor. ...

Gates' Non-Storm Stirs Tech Contrarians -
... valuations. His response: Well, I think any statement about stock prices is always suspect unless it's made by Warren
Buffett. [But ...

On the Road: Business Jets Are Back, if They Ever Went Away,
By JOE SHARKEY Published:
May 10, 2005
Oil, schmoil, many users of business jets appear to be saying. According to Richard T. Santulli, many business-jet users are simply looking at the added cost of fuel "relative to the cost of the trip or the charter itself" and saying: "Hey, what's another 500 bucks?"

Buffett Takes Radio Margaritaville To The Sky
Billboard Radio Monitor - New York,NY,USA
Singer, songwriter, best selling author and former Billboard reporter Jimmy Buffett and Sirius have announced that Buffett's Radio Margaritaville, which has ...

Be Like Buffett, Motley Fool

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