Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jimmy for Pope, Google's Backdoor Pass -- Plus: Annual Meeting Next Saturday...

Newsy days, and it will only get busier when the annual meeting convenes next week. I’ve got my plane ticket, do you?

Headlines: Fitch reviewing Berkshire’s triple AAA rating, which is about the biggest joke I’ve seen in a while. $40b in cash not enough? Unless they know something about earthquake risk in CA, it seems they are a tad late. Pay attention to AIG and GM instead. Executive Jet keeps selling airplanes, though I wonder if anyone at NetJets is watching the developments at Eclipse? Then a few articles on Cousin Jimmy, playing here in Chicago for Labor Day at Cubs Park, nominations of “Jimmy for Pope”, and then Jimmy’s upcoming movie filming this summer. Dare I suggest a cameo by cousin Warren? Then, some investing tidbits: beware the oil rush, getting paid for liquidity in the flea market that is the pink sheets, and finally, a great summation of the new business model that Google has created (software based on advertising revenue rather than licensing revenue – software sold like magazines), and how it worries Uncle Bill. Last but not least, Jeremy Grantham’s market summary which always makes for great reading.

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