Friday, January 13, 2006

Making better decisions

Buffett has done a spectacular job separating emotions from investment decisions. In fact, that’s a trait many outstanding investors possess. Paul Schoemaker, who wrote the books Decision Traps and Winning Decisions quickly summarizes his thoughts on making better decisions. Click here (it’s a video, by the way)

The furniture business is becoming increasingly competitive. But the Nebraska Furniture Mart still does well. An article from the Kansas City Star that discusses the closing of a competitor.

Refreshers of outstanding articles we have posted in the past (I'd suggest saving these files to your hard-drive for future access)

The Superinvestors of Graham and Doddsville. Buffett takes a jab at efficient market theorists.

Charlie Munger’s discussion of building mental models to become a better investor. This one is a must. Click here.

“The Warren Buffett you don’t know” from BusinessWeek

For anyone who is interested in Buffet's BUD investment, I'm offering a detailed financial model of BUD for use in your own due diligence:

The listing contains links to a free pdf version of the model, you only have to pay for the "live" excel version.

This is not random spam. A lot of time was put into creating this model, and I own BUD stock.
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