Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Buffett Group link to Marketing???

From the GSB website...

"Marketing Fellowships to Provide Mentoring

To attract top students who are interested in marketing, Chicago GSB is establishing 10 fellowships that will provide $50,000 over two years as well as a mentor—a senior marketing executive who can share expertise and insights into the field.
Ready for students in the 2006–07 academic year, the marketing fellowships are underwritten by a challenge grant of $1 million from James Kilts, ’74, founder of the Kilts Center for Marketing at Chicago GSB and chairman, president, and CEO of Gillette. Among the donors who will provide both financial support and one-on-one mentoring are Lee Hillman, ’79, president of Liberation Investment Advisory Group; and David Whalen, ’81,president and CEO of A. T. Cross Company. “Given the Kilts Center’s remarkable faculty and programmatic innovations, we’re well positioned to attract the most talented students,” said dean Edward Snyder.
Kilts, who helped the GSB establish the center in 1999 with the Nabisco Foundation, said he looks forward to the effect the new fellowships will have over time. “Over five years of sustained support, those cohort of students will attract and recruit a new generation of MBA candidates for the field,” he said.

Kilts is chairman of the Council on the Graduate School of Business.

—Patty Houlihan"

Interesting that the CEO of one of Buffett's largest investments is pushing Marketing, rather than Finance. (Despite having taken Fama during his stay at Chicago)

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